BF Adventure quarry crop

Our visit to BF Adventure

We were delighted to be invited to carry out work on a copse of Ash at BF Adventure recently. Most importantly we were given a tour of this inspiring organisation and its dramatic environment of quarries and adventurous landscapes.

BF Adventure is an outdoor education charity helping children and young people who often haven’t been offered the best start in this world, to overcome challenges and create a positive change in their life. This enables¬†them to break through the barriers of what their future lives might hold for them.

Here at Happy Habitats we feel there is nothing better than seeing the faces of children and young people beam with joy and achievement whilst being active in the outdoors and the natural environment. BF Adventure is 60 acres of completely unspoiled environment, where the previously carved out quarries have been sympathetically adapted to meet the needs of all who can benefit.

This is a place where BF Adventure combine caring, compassionate intervention with adventure and an understanding that ultimately being in nature can heal people.

We also experienced seeing some of the team who motivate the young people with a combination of peaceful but exciting and joyful techniques. There was so much encouragement being given to all individually.  We found ourselves hugely inspired and felt much admiration for this incredible organisation that will continue to go from strength to strength.

This year they are celebrating their 30th year and we wish them so much success and fulfillment in their work and accomplishments.

You can support the project in so many ways:

For example, You too can experience the adventure and water filled quarry landscapes by booking either yourself, your whole family or company on a number of different activities. You could experience adventure days, team building days , Quarrysteering, camping at the outdoor pursuits centre to name a few.

BF Adventure can be reached at the following location:

Goodygrane Activity Centre

Halvasso, Longdowns


TR10 9BX

01326 340912

Office Hours: 8.30-4.30 Mon-Fri

We very much look forward to returning to this very happy place indeed!

About the author: Angie Cruse

As well as working hard on the ground here in the UK, Angie has spent ample time volunteering in conservation abroad and continually studies habitat management in conservation.