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With 30 years experience, we provide services throughout Cornwall and Devon to maintain, manage and care for the outdoors, whilst enhancing biodiversity. Whether it's your trees, an entire woodland, your garden or wild spaces, our work will ensure a healthy, manageable and visually inspiring natural environment to be enjoyed by you and future generations.

We are fully insured to take on all major tree work with the added protection of offering a public liability of up to £5,000,000

We'd love to tell you about our own 4.5 acre woodland wildlife project in the heart of Cornwall or find out more about our management plans and diary of progress here at happyhabitats.co.uk/news

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Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery

Fully qualified and insured to undertake all types of tree work. Whether, coppicing, pruning or felling a tree or managing its health, we aim to ensure its carried out sympathetically to the surrounding environment and to benefit biodiversity in your area

Woodland Management

Woodland Management

Woodland management to increase biodiversity and increase the population of native species. Including producing habitat management plans, woodland thinning and pruning for closed canopy woodlands whilst regenerating ground and shrub level habitats. Vegetation management e.g. clearance of rhododendron, invasive non-native weeds (Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam).



Qualified to undertake QTRA tree risk assessment. Condition surveys. BS5837 development surveys. Tree preservation orders. Safety of people and property. Veteran trees. Woodland management plans for wildlife. Grant funding

Grounds Management

Grounds Management

We produce habitat management plans, vegetation management (e.g. scrub clearance, grass cutting, invasive weed management (Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam), pond and pond weed management. Hard and soft landscaping, Pre-sales improvements, getting your property and gardens fit for sale including exterior design.

WIldlife Gardens

WIldlife Gardens

Wildlife habitat development of ponds & water gardens, planting of wild flower gardens, wild hedgerow and bee/butterfly gardens. We supply and fit bird, owl, bee, bug and bat boxes.



Soft landscaping: Herbaceous borders, lawns, turfing, seeding. Hard landscaping: Patios, decking, fencing, stone walls, dry stone walls, retaining stone walls


Passionate and knowledgeable, experts in our field.



Nigel and Angie found each other in 2016 and it was all about trees from the beginning. Its why they grow stronger together. With Angie’s love of the Carpathian forests, expertise in “leave no trace” experiences and her ideals in coexisting with nature, meeting Nigel with 30 years’ experience in forestry & arboriculture and a degree in environmental sciences is where their journey began.

The revelation came after being so fraught by the natural world being constantly degraded by human activities such as deforestation and development, understanding that neglecting to manage the environment can be just as harmful to the most diverse and species populated habitat.

Without our management many habitats will eventually disappear. Grasslands scrub over and eventually become overcrowded woodland, so the most diverse of habitats are not this final stage. The most species diverse are ‘successional’ habitat and therefore, without disturbance of coppicing and thinning for example, they will eventually disappear and become full canopy deciduous woodland. Without management a closed canopy can leave the ground flora bare without layers and light, or be taken over by invasive plants like Rhododendron ponticum for example.

An intermediate amount of disturbance is key to the most naturally populated habitat. We will always encourage management than clearance and any clearance will be sympathetic to the surrounding environment. We believe your enjoyment of the outdoors greatly relies upon the biodiversity. You are our client, wildlife our companions. Our guardianship is key. .

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