Our bespoke woodland management services are tailored to our clients needs and entirely site specific. 

HAPPY-HABITATS-ICONS-woodlandWoodlands are managed for many reasons including amenity/recreation (social), conservation (ecology and environmental), firewood and timber (economic).

We believe that all of the above management types should enhance biodiversity and benefit the ecology of the woodland. An un-managed woodland can often loose its biodiversity, amenity use is enhanced by wildlife habitat and even a woodland planted specifically for timber should offer a home to woodland flora and fauna.

If you are looking for new woodland creation please jump to: our Woodland Planting page.

HAPPY-HABITATS-ICONS-firewoodWhen visiting your woodland we will also consider the following when helping you decide on the appropriate management: Size, age, isolation, woodland edge, structural diversity, stage of growth and amount of deadwood.

The most bio-diverse woodland will have a ground (herbaceous), shrub, under-story and a canopy structure as well as deadwood (ground and standing).  Whether your woodland needs these layers introduced or enhanced, clearance of invasive species (vegetation) thinning for light and regeneration, further planting or initial planting, we have the expertise to manage the health and ecological value of your land.

What makes us different:

We manage woodlands for Biodiversity and Conservation. We are chosen for our holistic approach and expertise, our understanding of the habitats we work within and carrying out the work ourselves, rather than sending an alternative team. Who you meet. is who you get!

We look at the whole structure of the woodland and consider the communities within, including the tree community and key species, ground flora, epiphytic community, invertebrates, birds and mammals.

We align ourselves with all conservation information sources and have a strong relationship with Plantlife's "Atlantic Woodland restoration work" as well as continuous study in Ecology and Habitat Management.

As well as managing woodlands for clients such as the National Trust, we own our own 4.8 acre woodland in the heart of Cornwall which we manage for wildlife and its future health. We welcome you to join us there to showcase our management and future plan. By appointment only, please do get in contact.

Our Woodland Management Services include:

  • Consultancy
  • Thinning for light, regeneration and vitality of trees
  • Invasive species management (vegetation not animals)
  • Woodland Planting
  • Improvement of ground, shrub and canopy layers
  • Management of Ancient Woodland and semi natural woodland.
  • Tree Preservation orders
  • Coppicing and coppice management
  • Native wildflower, shrub and hedgerow planting
  • Creation of woodland rides, glades and trails.
  • Woodland ecology surveys and species identification
  • Tree and habitat Surveys
  • Using the natural resources to create woodland steps, gates and rustic furniture
  • Veteran trees
  • Windrowing and log piles for wildlife habitat.
  • Timber extraction

Where appropriate we always plant UK native seeds, plants, shrubs and trees to benefit wildlife and woodland health. We stay well informed with Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Tevi, Exeter University and other organisations to ensure we have access to seeds and plants with local provenance.

Whatever woodland path you might take, please get in touch on the form at the end of the page or call Angie or Nigel on 07795314814/ 07717723117 Email: info@happyhabitats.co.uk

Please let us know what type of work you require or if it's simply an inquiry.