Many of our clients are holiday cottage owners, where the grounds themselves are key to the aesthetics and enjoyment of their guests.

Many holiday let owners already understand the importance of green and sustainable tourism, maintaining good environmental practices and improving their CSR credentials. Most importantly our customers want to achieve something special for their guests to enjoy, beautiful and tranquil grounds of natural habitat. A bio-diverse and species populated habitat in turn offers the peacefulness of a woodland walk, the vibrant colour and activity of a wildflower meadow, an abundance of pollinators, butterflies and wildlife and of course an incredible view! The guests themselves wholly benefit from the beauty of a naturally thriving ecosystem as well as the health benefits of a restful stay. Additionally it offers an exciting educational focus for families and sustainable tourism goals.

Some new owners have only considered good gardening and they are not entirely sure what to do with the ample land that surrounds the property and how to manage it. Often the previous land use was agricultural and they are now in need of a new management strategy. Happy Habitats core objective is to showcase the benefits of managing it for wildlife and to carry out the work to that effect.

We create and install wildlife gardens for birds, bees, invertebrates and bats. Improve freshwater habitat areas with native waterside species,  plan and manage your woodlands for the benefit of wildlife, create and manage Cornish hedgerow and not forgetting the planting of native wildflower meadows and woodland. We also do gardening!

We can help you survey and enjoy your wildlife by installing our trail cameras and collate the footage for you. This can be added to your website and encourage family guests to have fun and educational walks in the grounds. We can help you create the interactive walks to inspire your young guests to always consider wildlife when out in the environment.

Please share with us what you are trying to achieve and we will help you make it happen. Alternatively we might have some ideas you hadn’t yet thought of when we come to visit. Please do get in touch and we can offer advice where required and give you our quotation. Call Angie 07795 314814 to arrange or fill in the form below.

Please let us know what type of work you require or if it's simply an inquiry.