Managing grounds – holiday lets

We are always excited to work with holiday cottage owners or holiday location companies in Cornwall and Devon.

There is more to a successful holiday let than the accommodation alone. Its the experience they have, the views, the surrounding aspects, a time and place to relax and interesting features. No that’s not just a hot tub! its wildlife, birds, bees, wild flower meadows and beautiful walks.

Additionally it offers an exciting educational focus for families and sustainable tourism goals.

You get all of this and more at Pennywort Mill, one of our favourite clients! The Hogg family have created beautiful and interesting cottage experiences. Not just luxury character cottages but a small holding too.

One can feel the fun and relaxed time all the animals are having, curious and very social too. So many species playing and communicating, it’s like the film “Babe” in the barn but far better as they definitely appreciate what they have. The grounds and barn are home to rare breeds such as Dartmoor Greyface, but it doesnt stop there, they have ducks, geese, turkeys, donkeys, so many goat breeds, sheep and cows. The home the animals have and share with you is enriched with beautiful trees and rolling hills, Cornish hedges and wild spring flowers. We are delighted to be Pennywort Mills only tree surgery company as Chris really appreciates a naturally enriched environment and healthy ecosystem. Find out more about a future stay here or experience being a smallholder with one of their fun and informative packages. Pennywort Mill

A long term client of ours at Millpool Grange has exciting gardens managed for wildlife, pollinators and people. They have many different habitats which we manage including: freshwater habitat in the river that runs along the centre of the grounds, a natural pond feeding from the river, a Conifer wood, banks of native broad leaf woodland, meadows, as well as a more formal garden by the house. As well as advising and managing the grounds whilst they lived abroad, we installed wildlife cameras as they often see deer, herons, owls, rabbits, many species of small birds, birds of prey and even an otter living in the river banks. The holiday accommodation offers all of the grounds to its guest to enjoy. If you are looking for a tranquil setting, contact them here: Millpool Grange

We create and install wildlife gardens for birds, bees, invertebrates and bats. Improve freshwater habitat areas with native waterside species, plan and manage your woodlands for the benefit of wildlife, create and manage Cornish hedgerow and not forgetting the planting of native wildflower meadows and woodland.

We can help you survey and enjoy your wildlife by installing trail cameras and collate the footage for you. This can be added to your website and encourage family guests to have fun and educational walks in the grounds. We can help you create the interactive walks to inspire your young guests to always consider wildlife when out in the environment.

If you have any questions about what we can offer you: Please call Angie on 07795 314 814 or use the form below.

Please let us know what type of work you require or if it's simply an inquiry.

About the author: Angie Cruse

As well as working hard on the ground here in the UK, Angie has spent ample time volunteering in conservation abroad and continually studies habitat management in conservation.