Wild spaces, ponds, meadows and nature gardens

We want to look after your wilder spaces, helping you transform your garden to a manageable and wildlife friendly environment. It can be tricky getting the balance right, ensuring it looks beautiful and whilst enhancing habitat. Wildlife are not too fussy about aesthetics but to us they are incredibly inspiring.

Being sensitive to the ecosystem means we do not manicure gardens, but we make those wilder areas interesting, useful and beautiful by rewilding. This form of gardening means you need less of our services to a degree, but the initial design and preparation before the spring and summer months is key to keeping it relatively tamper free! Encourage more wildlife to come with some natural enrichment.

Let us create a wildflower meadow!

Transforming your field or lawn to colourful, beautiful and nutritious meadow is as rewarding for us, as it is essential for pollinators. Only 3% of our wildflower meadows remain in the UK having all been lost to a grass monoculture crop. This has meant that our pollinators have relied upon our gardens and road verges for far too long. Making a difference to our lawns and fields can go a long way, if we all just added a bit of “wild” to our land.

Ponds Ponds Ponds! We take inspiration from the natural environment. 

We can install wildlife ponds, landscape the margins and ensure maintenance of the surrounding areas is easy and not harmful to wildlife. We know marginal and aquatic plants and their behaviour, let’s ensure its appropriate for its size and therefore will need very little disturbance. Just pure enjoyment as you see the wildlife move in within a couple of weeks.

Wildlife homes – Bat boxes, Owl Boxes, Bird Boxes, Bee homes, amphibian & invertebrate hotels! 

Nigel is a climbing arborist and we have installed many of the above homes for wildlife. No matter how high or tricky, we can fit it. Should you require the supply of wildlife cameras and knowledge of where best to place them, we can also help advise the very best spots in your wild spaces to get the best out of them. We can also help you collate your footage into a little video, including text, watermarks and logos.

Let us manage your trees sympathetically.

How many of us see anything other than the tree itself? Trees support so many other communities, such as plants, fungi and animals. As they age, their contribution to the ecology of those organisms increases. Dead branches & decayed cavities often seen as a problem, are ideal for insects, epiphytes, bats & birds. We too often manage trees to keep them in good shape and healthy, without considering the other species that rely on them ageing in a more natural way. Nigel is our climbing arborist with 30 years experience in the health of trees.

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