Owner and Director, Nigel Powell Arboriculture & Senior climbing Arborists and Consultant – Happy Habitats

Both new companies are aiming to change the way in which trees are considered. Whether


in a woodland, a group or an individual tree, our objective is to encourage owners to manage their trees not just for the tree itself but for the support they provide associated wildlife.

The Happy Habitats brand has the opportunity to expand into further fields which all share the same core values. As well as Tree Surgery, Woodland Management, Wildlife Gardens, Consultancy, Grounds management, Happy Habitats plans to grow with the prospect of a Forestry Schools/woodland workshops, badger vaccination, eco agriculture and beyond.


Contract Manager (Arboricultural), Glendale Countryside LTD

Main duties include managing department with turnover around £400,000; being responsible for day to day running of department including sales, health and safety, organising tree surgery teams carrying out tree surveys (e.g. condition, development).


Contract Manager (Arboricultural), Silvanus Services Ltd

Main duties include managing department with turnover around £250,000; being responsible for day to day running of tree surgery teams, carrying out tree surveys (e.g. condition, development). Working around one to two days a week for Restormel Borough Council as their tree officer reviewing planning applications, making TPO’s etc.


Pond/Reedbed Landscaper, Watershed

I worked in summer holidays for Watershed helping in the construction and maintenance of reedbeds, sewage ponds and wildlife ponds.


Chargehand (tree surgery team), Silvanus Services LTD

I ran a team of arborists carrying out all types of tree surgery works throughout the southwest. The role included liaising with clients, general day to day organization of work, carrying out risk assessments  etc



BSc Hons Environmental Science, University of Plymouth

This course brought together a variety of disciplines including Biology, Geology, Chemistry and Ecology to address themes such as sustainable conservation, pollution, earth systems, climate and the influence humans have and are now having on our planet.


Diploma in Arboriculture, Merrist wood agricultural college

The course was a three year sandwich course with a middle year spent in the industry. It covered a broad range of subjects including:

1.       Pest and diseases

2.       Tree physiology and biology

3.       Principles of tree management

4.       Selection, planting design in the urban landscape

5.       Tree and wildlife legislation


Consulting Arborist

I have carried out tree surveys/reports for a wide range of clients including councils, developers and private individuals. For around five years I acted as tree officer for Restormel Borough Council making TPO’s, commenting on tree work applications and advising on tree issues. I am qualified to undertake QTRA surveys.

Climbing Arborist

My career as a climber has spanned nearly 30 years in which I have worked in England, Ireland, Germany and Guernsey. In my time at Silvanus and Glendale I played a key role in the businesses achieving Arboricultural Approved Contractor Status both in terms of the office/paperwork procedures and completing the pruning works to be assessed by the association.  I hold all the relevant NPTC certificates.

Pond creation and management

I have worked throughout UK constructing ponds and reedbeds mainly for purposes of treating sewage but also for wildlife. The work involved different ways of lining ponds, constructing retaining walls, reed beds and planting of appropriate species.


Woodland owner and manager

We own 4.5 acres of Ancient woodland near Truro.  We are managing the woodland for the benefit of wildlife and wish to use our findings as an educational resource for both ourselves and others.

Observing and managing a woodland long term allows us to study the entire woodland ecology. How our intervention and nonintervention have benefitted habitat and species diversity. Some of our work includes thinning, creation of deadwood habitats (standing dead trees, fallen trees), the formation of ponds etc. We are writing a management plan based on this study and diary of progress along the way.


15 April 2019
ERCCIS seed and Leaf beetles workshop
A training day on how to identify beetles, their ecology and different types of habitat.

3 APRIL 2019
Rapid Woodland Assessment (RWA) Plantlife
A training day with Dr Alison Smith specifically on our SW regions Atlantic Woodland. Identifying our regions potential to support important lichens and bryophytes and improve their conservation.

15 march 2019
Cornwall branch spring event at the Eden Project, Arboricultural Association

A guided tour hosted by the Eden Project to look at the trees and issues with their management both inside and outside the biomes. Issues such as soils, disease, lack of wind and tree safety policies.

29 Jan 2019
AGM , Arboricultural Association
Attended Cornwall branch AGM helping shape what is done in 2019

3 Dec 2018
Woodmeet winter meeting
Sponsored by the forestry commission, various talks on tree work, inspections, pest and diseases and woodland management.

7 Sep 2016
Tree Fork Assessment, Arboricultural Association
Attended seminar run by Dr Duncan Slater at Dartington

BSc Hons Environmental Science, University of Plymouth

1 June 2005
Quantitative Tree Risk Assessment
A course run by Mike Ellison learning how to apply established and accepted risk management principles to tree safety management.

2 June 2005
Visual Tree Assessment, University of Plymouth
A course run by Mike Ellison learning a systematic approach to identify tree defects, hazards from their ‘body language’.

Arb Association Amenity conference Lancaster

Professional Diploma in Arboriculture, Tree Life (Dave Dowson)

Attended regular (every two weeks) teaching sessions with Dave Dowson over a six month period.

28 September 2001
Risk Assessment for Commercial Arboriculture, FASTCO
A course teaching Health and Safety legislation; an understanding of hazards and associated risks; carrying out generic and site specific risk assessments etc

18 June 1998
Amenity Tree and Insurance Issues, ISA
Attended seminar run by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) at Writtle College