Our natural world has changed dramatically over the last few centuries, land has been managed in a way that has depleted our natural landscapes, whether lost to industrialism, agriculture or with previous trends of manicuring our gardens and roadside verges.

Thankfully our understanding is becoming far more educated and we now have a thirst for rectifying our mistakes.

Whilst 97% of Britain’s meadows were lost to agricultural practices, our woodlands have suffered too, becoming so isolated due to commercial needs, species diversity and the connection between habitats has disappeared. We want to work with all those that wish to reconnect and restore their land back to nature and maintain it that way.

To do this:

  • We need to understand our species life cycles before we remove vegetation.
  • Know our soil and historic uses to ensure any planting or rewilding is appropriate.
  • Appreciate the effects from surrounding land use, to mitigate for any potential dominant species we might need to control.

We will help establish and maintain your land in a way that becomes cost effective and nature friendly. 

All campsites, holiday cottages, road verges, private and even commercial land owners can benefit from managing the land more sympathetically. Giving a visually inspiring environment to be enjoyed by you, guests, employees and the general public.

Campsites for example do not need to be a lawn, but can be a meadow grassland or benefit from surrounding wildflowers. There is no better time to quench the thirst of the tourism industry wanting to immerse in nature.


Flower Beds

Ponds and Lakes


Wildlife Habitats

Connecting Margins

Please let us know what type of work you require or if it’s simply an inquiry.