Wildlife Trail Camaras – HandyKam to hand!

We are delighted to find help from the wonderful chaps at HandyKam who are supplying all our camera equipment needed to survey, document and enjoy the wildlife who live happily within our very own woodland project.

Mike and Elliot have bundles of wisdom to share and a variety of great cameras including trail, time-lapse and inspection cameras to choose from. Its rare to be able to find such a specialist shop to actually handle the items and compare with each other.

We initially wanted to get hold of a transmitting trail camera but realised shortly after seeing them, that we just wouldn’t get the network in the area. So with some good advice we upgraded the camera spec instead with both the Browning Special Ops and Dark Ops being the cream of the crop within our price range.

The Spec Ops advantage packs a whole load of great features, 20mp full colour photos, 1920 x 1080 HD video, invisible night vision, fast trigger and recovery times and an 80ft flash range at night. Easy set up is offered with a 2″ front viewing screen or will help you get to those fabulous photos and videos you’ve been waiting for.

The Dark Ops HD pro offers a slightly lower 18mp but its half the size with an amazing 0.3s trigger speed and again a long range no glow IR flash.

We can’t wait to get them up and running, so please watch this space for our own reviews and news within our Happy Habitats woodland wildlife project launching in October. These cameras will allow us to share a diary of progress on this website and our social media channels. We cant wait to find out what we are guardians of, how we shall look after their habitat and what we don’t want to disturb.

When it comes to HandyKam on top of everything else, Mike and Elliot just cant stop making you feel excited about wildlife, i’ve had the pleasure of meeting them a few times and they share the passion and enthusiasm of all things good about the outdoors. You will leave feeling even more motivated than when you arrived. Trust us, its a great experience meeting these chaps.

About the author: Angie Cruse

As well as working hard on the ground here in the UK, Angie has spent ample time volunteering in conservation abroad and continually studies habitat management in conservation.