Badger vaccination schemes in the South West – Qualified Lay Vaccinator, Covering Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

cornwall badger vaccination
Click image for a short clip of Badger Vaccination training

The cull will be commencing again in South East Cornwall along with other areas of the South West. However, if you are a landowner or know any landowners who have talked about the alternative solution – a badger vaccination scheme, please get in touch to discuss how Happy Habitats can supply these services to you and the surrounding landowners.
Please also get in touch if you are a volunteer that wishes to become involved.

Badger Vaccination in Cornwall
Click image for short clip of Angie training ready to vaccinate in Cornwall

Angie has qualified as a lay vaccinator with the APHA after completing both:
Module 2: Pre-baiting and trap siting for badger vaccination
Module 3: Cage trapping and vaccination of badgers

Having completed both courses Angie is able to apply for a license with Natural England. This is the Licence to Trap and Vaccinate Badgers for the Purpose of Preventing the Spread of Bovine TB in Cattle.
We are able to start a brand new programme/scheme on a new licence or Angie can be added to a current licence to help the deployment of any scheme already underway.

We can manage the project from initial surveying through to completion of year four vaccinations. The scheme will involve you as much as you want to be, our team, extra volunteers on hand when needed and a qualified vet to oversee the vaccination cold chain and for call outs if ever required.

Angie’s vaccinations have been 100% successful without any vaccination wastage. The welfare of a trapped animal is of the utmost importance whilst under our guardianship and this is why we took extra measures to complete module 2 in order to gain as much knowledge as possible in siting and digging in traps.  Angie’s training had the benefit of being held at the Animal Plant Health Agencies – The National Wildlife Management Centre at Woodchester Park, (Also National Trust) and vaccination training with the established Derbyshire Project of the National Trust and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

APHA have been studying badgers and disease at the National Wildlife Management centre for 40 years and the knowledge they hold on the excretion of Tb from badgers is invaluable. We would love to share our knowledge from this experience with you.

We would be delighted to visit landowners to discuss how we can help move this positive solution forward. We appreciate how complex the subject is for landowners, farmers and all involved, but having also attended all meetings possible in our region with Cornwall TBEG and TBAS we have found a positive ground to work with. 
We can assure you of our care, our considerate approach and all done with the utmost confidence whilst helping landowners approach and implement the right management strategy for the control of Tb in cattle.

Please get in contact to discuss how vaccination can eradicate TB in cattle and help the future welfare of our badgers.

Please let us know what type of work you require or if it's simply an inquiry.